For Mind, Body, and Spirit with Jonathan Knight
Introduction to Qigong for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Qi = energy, breath

Gong = work, or achievement

Qigong is a gentle form of exercise designed to build health, vitality, and resilience for the young and old alike. In this introductory qigong course, we will explore the relationship between mind and body, using the breath, movement, and standing postures as our tools. Qigong is different from other forms of exercise due to its emphasis on external movements and internal focus (called “neigong”) to balance and regulate the energy flows in the body. The practice of Qigong helps manage stress, anger, and depression while promoting mental clarity, increased energy, and harmony between the mind and body.

Limited in person availability please pre-register with Jonathan at, $15/ class

Saturday, December 10 @ 12:15
12:15 pm — 1:15 pm (1h)

Jonathan Knight

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