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Perfect for dance, fitness, yoga, workshops, private sessions, rehearsals.

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Have a class or event that you want to share? Need a space for your own dance or performance rehearsal? Our beautiful well-lit studio offers an affordable in person and/or zoom teaching and rehearsing space perfect for movement-based arts.

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Dance Studio Highlights

  • 980sq.ft. fits 8-10 people with Covid-19 guidelines
  • Wi-Fi for instructors for teaching Zoom classes
  • Ballet barres
  • Wall mounted mirrors
  • Sound system
  • Tripod for phone/ camera available on request for recordings
  • Yoga mats and blocks are not available at this point due to Covid-19 safety protocols. We encourage you and your students to bring their own equipment if required.

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Platform 360 Rental Rates

  • $28/hr for the first 4 hours
  • $25/hr for reservations more than 4 hours

The studio can be rented in half hour increments with a one-hour minimum rental. If you wish to rent for ongoing weekly events and are creating income around your rental, you are eligible for member rates. Reservations can be made from 12 hours (minimum) to three months (maximum) in advance. All reservations are subject to approval by Platform360 admin.

Dance Studio Rental Calendar

Platform360, 1840 Willamette Street
Ste 206 Eugene OR 97401

If this is your first-time booking space at Platform360, please review the Policies & Procedures.

Dance Studio Rental

$28.00 Per Hour

$28/hour, 5th hour onward discounted to $25/hour when booked together.

See directions for booking calendar below.
Note: unavailable slots are highlighted in orange.

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You can book multiple dates and times through this booking calendar.
1) Select a date
2) Select a time

  • Unavailable dates will be grayed out, and hours will be blocked out in orange.
  • You can start on the hour or half hour and the system will auto select the following half hour to complete the hour minimum.
  • If you want more than the hour minimum, simply select a start time and an end time to reserve a larger time slot.
  • Your entire time slot will be highlighted in blue.

3) Press ‘Book Now’ to reserve your first time slot. You will see a notice above the calendar stating “Dance Studio Rental has been added to your cart.”

  • You will not be directed immediately to the cart so that you can continue to reserve additional time slots.

4) Press ‘View Cart’ at any time to review or complete your purchase.

  • You can always delete any unwanted reservations from the cart.
  • You can also press the back arrow to return to the calendar to add more reservations to the cart.

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Platform360 Studio Rental Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures apply to every instance in the future in which the renter uses Platform360 premises for any purpose. If renter fails to uphold any of the following agreements, Renter’s studio privileges may be revoked.

Platform360 can be rented for movement and performing arts based use only. The studio can be rented in half hour increments with a minimum of one hour rental. Renters are expected to make time toward the end of their rental to clean and wipe high touch surfaces- like door knobs, ballet barres, stereo system etc. Each renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to a good state before they leave. All lights, and electrical equipment must be turned off. Please sweep if necessary, and leave the studio in the best possible condition for the next user. Although Platform360 provides janitorial services, including toilet paper, hand towels and a clean facility for your rental, the renters play a significant role in keeping the studio clean. Renters are required to keep the doors locked during their rehearsal or class, and return the space to a secure state upon leaving by locking the doors.

Injury Liability Insurance held by Platform360 covers normal participant use, including use of stairs and ramp, parking lot, and occupation of the rented space (e.g., walking, sitting). Renter is responsible for providing any additional insurance coverage needed for engaging participants in possibly hazardous activities (e.g., instruction in exercise, stretching, dance, martial arts, etc). Insurance is not required by the studio for exercise classes, but is recommended, as exercise instructors can be held personally liable by the clients that they serve, if they inadvertently cause or exacerbate an injury.

Renter agrees to use the facility in a respectful manner, as follows:

  • Operate the stereo at a reasonable volume.
  • Pick up any debris and NEVER leave any equipment, costumes, props or personal belongings anywhere in the studio, bathroom, or back rooms.
  • Sweep the studio floor after your event.
  • Remove any perishable food and beverage from the premises
  • No glass containers in the studio.
  • Return the thermostat to normal setting (if you changed the settings)
  • Turn off the stereo and lights, and lock the facility before leaving.
  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the studio.
  • No street shoes on the dance floor.

Please note that Platform360 is a community dance space. It is vital that each rehearsal/ class begin and finish on time (including basic clean up) for a smooth transition and creative privacy of each individual person using the studio. 

Platform360 and founder Safia Suboohi will not be held liable for any loss of personal property occurring during the use of its facility

Abuse of the studio policies may result in cancellation of the rental contract.

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